A planned and controlled integration of digital and analog computers could be effected by industry if the final general purpose "diginalog" were produced in steps commensurate with the developing state of the art. The first step, described herein, is the development of an analog symbolic language and digital compiler such that the engineer can write his problems in quasi-mathematical and familiar language which the digital computer can then translate into a digital input function generation, a mix of calculated pot settings, and a complete analog flow diagram. Subsequent steps in developing the diginalog are also described.

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  • The Effect of Malformed Tiles on Tile Assemblies within kTAM

    DNA Computing and Molecular Programming

    Many different constructions of proofreading tile sets have been proposed in the literature to tướng reduce the effect of deviations from ideal behaviour of the dynamics of the molecular tile self-assembly process. In this paper, we consider the effect on the ...

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    IRE-AIEE-ACM '60 (Western): Papers presented at the May 3-5, 1960, western joint IRE-AIEE-ACM computer conference

    May 1960

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    Association for Computing Machinery

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