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  • BW:300PPI/Color:150PPI

  • DPI:B/W 2480*1860/ Màu sắc 1240*930

  • 2.3GHz Octa-Core A53

  • RAM/Internal:4GB+64GB

  • Size:225.6*191*6.6mm

  • Stylus: A5  wireless charge smart stylus

  • 4pcs Microphone

  • Camera:Front 5MP/ Rear 8MP

  • 2.4G/5G WIFI ,BT5.0

  • Fingerprint Sensor

  • Battery capacity:4000mAh

  • Open apk 11 OS system

  • Global handwrting

Thanks for shopping at for all of your e-reader, E-Ink and tablet needs. is an international-friendly company and we ship anywhere in the world. By using our site and store, you agree to lớn the above terms.

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Items from our store will be fulfilled from Đài Loan Trung Quốc .Orders will be shipped out within 3 to lớn 7 days after the order is placed( excluding pre-sale orders.). Standard courier services are used for transportation, but if you have a specific courier in mind, please let us know before the order is shipped.

Shipping cost

All our product prices tự not include shipping costs, shipping costs are phối according to lớn the weight of the product, when you checkout the system will automatically calculate the shipping costs according to lớn the weight of your order products.


As we pay tax and duties on all items in our store, you will be responsible for any applicable taxes or duties that may occur upon receiving your item. We tự NOT collect any tax or duties from you at any point in the transaction. All taxes and duties tự not reach us or any part of Bigme. All duties are paid to lớn the respective country, broker, courier or parcel service upon clearance or receiving of the item itself.

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Items from our store all include a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty covering hardware defects. Customer will be responsible for all shipping and customs charges in all directions to lớn and from. In order to lớn qualify for a warranty claim you first have to lớn be issued an RMA number that documents your issue. Your warranty beings from the date of receiving the item. Bigme store offers a 2 year warranty for select products.

Contact Us

If you would lượt thích to lớn get into tương tác with us, please use the tương tác sườn and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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