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                      • Can bills of electricity, water, telephone, mạng internet and cable TV be settled via accounts with Eximbank? 

                        Customers may request Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank đồ sộ automatically debit their accounts đồ sộ pay monthly bills of electricity, water, telephone, mạng internet and cable TV.
                        Besides, customers can also use their international payment cards at Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank đồ sộ pay for such services via Eximbank's e-banking services on the trang web
                        As for the electricity bills payment đồ sộ HCMC Power Company, customers can make transfer from their accounts by themselves via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. 

                      • What is the trương mục opening procedure at Eximbank?

                        Customers opening accounts are required đồ sộ fill in the trương mục opening application and present their valid ID card/passport đồ sộ tellers at Eximbank's banking units.
                        Customers can register their trương mục opening information on the trang web

                      • Does Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank insure customers' deposits?

                        Customers’ VND deposits at Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank will be insured in accordance with Vietnam’s deposit insurance regulations.

                      • What is the withdrawal procedure?

                        Customers are only required đồ sộ present their ID or passport.

                      • What is MoneyGram remittance receipt service?

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                        - The service of quick receipt within 10 minutes since the remitter completes the transfer transaction from overseas, through Eximbank's partner which is MoneyGram International Money Transfer company with nearly 200,000 agents worldwide.
                        - Simple, fast and secured receiving procedures at any banking units of Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank nationwide for không lấy phí of charge.
                        - No limits on the received amount.
                        - No income tax is imposed.
                        - Customers may request đồ sộ receive USD or VND upon providing an 8-digit code (as supplied by the remitter) and ID card/passport. 


                      • What is SMS Banking service?

                        SMS Banking is a mobile banking service enabling customers đồ sộ perform financial transactions and manage their accounts by messages such as inquiry for interest rates, trương mục balance, transaction history, currency or gold exchange rate, locations of banking units, ATM locations, etc.

                      • What is VnTopup service?

                        The top-up service for subscribers of mobile phone networks via SMS.
                        With a simple top-up syntax: EIB NAP {top-up notional value} {phone number đồ sộ be topped up} {password} sent đồ sộ 8049, customers can top-up all telecommunication networks in the market.
                        Notional value: VN10, VN100,……VN500 corresponding đồ sộ notional value from 10,000 VND đồ sộ 500,000 VND. 

                      • What is Mobile Banking service? 

                        A banking service on the phone through which customers can make online transactions with Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Eximbank without coming đồ sộ its banking units.
                        Transactions that customers can execute via Mobile Banking: opening/closing savings deposit account; making intrabank/interbank transfer; paying electricity bills đồ sộ HCMC Power Company; topping up mobile phones; repaying loan principals; activating/locking international cards; registering for thẻ issuance; inquiring various types of information. 

                      • What should be done in case of forgetting the password đồ sộ log in Internet banking service? 

                        Customers can request for new password via the function "Forget password" on the interface of the Internet Banking log-in screen. After successful execution, the new password will be sent đồ sộ customers' registered gmail address. 

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