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Use our powerful PDF vĩ đại AutoCAD converter tools vĩ đại instantly turn your PDF drawings into
editable DWG files that are easy vĩ đại update.

Test Able2Extract PDF vĩ đại DWG conversion technology 100% không tính phí online.
No watermarks, no tin nhắn required.

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How vĩ đại convert PDF vĩ đại DWG không tính phí online:

Step 1: Upload your PDF tệp tin.

Step 2: Download the converted DWG tệp tin.

Desktop PDF vĩ đại AutoCAD Converter & More

Try Able2Extract Professional the industry-leading PDF vĩ đại AutoCAD converter that allows you vĩ đại convert PDF drawings vĩ đại DWG and DXF:

  • Batch convert hundreds of PDFs vĩ đại CAD formats.Improved
  • OCR a scanned PDF with an advanced R2V engine.Improved
  • Edit PDF text instantly, split and merge pages.
  • Redact and create password-protected PDFs.
  • Sign & annotate PDF for easy collaboration.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What are the Main Differences Between the Two PDF vĩ đại DWG Solutions?

Fully Online Conversion

With the Free online PDF vĩ đại DWG tool, you convert your PDF vĩ đại DWG directly in your browser. An active mạng internet connection is required for conversion.

No Internet Needed

Able2Extract PRO works completely offline without having vĩ đại upload files vĩ đại conversion servers. All major platforms supported: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Quicker Way

Online PDF vĩ đại DWG converter can only convert an entire PDF vĩ đại DWG through a quick and simple process. No advanced options available.

The More Accurate Way

You can perform PDF vĩ đại DWG and DXF conversions. Convert vĩ đại multiple tệp tin layers, merge connected segments into a polyline, and use other advanced options.

Basic OCR Engine

The online converter automatically recognizes scanned PDF drawings and converts them vĩ đại a DWG tệp tin. Works on good scans and simple drawings.

Advanced OCR Engine

Able2Extract PRO comes with a built-in superior OCR tech that can process complex PDF drawings with an advanced Raster-2-Vector engine.

Convert Files One by One

You can upload your PDF documents and tải về the converted Excel files one by one. The không tính phí online converter does not tư vấn batch conversion.

Convert Multiple Files Instantly

You can use Able2Extract PRO vĩ đại batch process multiple PDF documents at once and upload even whole folders for conversion vĩ đại Excel in a single step.

2 Free Conversions per Day

Two không tính phí conversion actions per day - no tin nhắn address required. The tệp tin size limit is 50 MB. We use a 2048-bits RSA key with SHA-256 encryption.

7-day Free Trial

Able2Extract PRO has a 3-page conversion limit after one unrestricted conversion action. Purchasing a license removes this limitation.

Only One Functionality

The không tính phí online converter can only convert PDF vĩ đại DWG. It does not tư vấn selective conversion, batch processing, or other advanced functionalities.

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One Solution for Everything PDF

Able2Extract PRO is a complete solution packed with features for all your PDF needs: accurate conversions, advanced editing, security and signature tools, and more.

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Go Beyond Basic PDF vĩ đại DWG Conversion with Able2Extract PRO

Save Time with Batch Processing

Instead of converting one PDF at a time, use our desktop PDF vĩ đại DWG converter vĩ đại batch process entire folders of PDFs vĩ đại CAD files at once.

Custom Conversions vĩ đại CAD

Able2Extract PRO allows you vĩ đại specify metrical units and polyline width, adjust the scale of complex floor plans, phối a specific drawing insertion point, etc.

Advanced OCR Technology

Thanks vĩ đại our high-fidelity OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, you can turn any scanned PDF into an accessible CAD tệp tin you can edit right away.

Convert vĩ đại Multiple File Layers

Able2Extract PRO converts your PDF drawing directly into layers ví you can easily access text patterns, hatches, and polylines.

Compatible màu sắc Palettes

Pick the color palette of your choice. Our desktop PDF vĩ đại DWG converter provides options for "Standard" thâm and white or "RGB" color palettes.

One Solution - All Tools Forever

With Able2Extract PRO you get lifetime access vĩ đại its advanced offering: PDf conversion, creation, editing, OCR, signatures, security, and more.

More Able2Extract's PDF Features

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