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Readers and commenters are divided between real and not real, with no clear line of demarcation.

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However, in real world there are many types of borrowers which we can not categorize with just bad and good types.

The non-deformation state variable of a closed system is represented as a real number.

He was in the real estate and grocery business.

In real property law, the term real covenants is used for conditions tied to lớn the use of land.

Since 1992 he has worked as a real estate agent.

Since gardens are a highly income-elastic goods, the garden real estate sector tends to lớn grow rapidly as countries industrialise.

Hall next worked as a real estate agent.

Business was paralyzed, real estate actually valueless and unsaleable at any price, and but little good money in circulation.

A real estate boom ended in a bust.

A movie or real-time dimension of film making!

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This includes real-time bidding and other automated platforms for đoạn Clip and display inventory buying.

But regulators have not pressed for any requirements to lớn upgrade flight recorders with versions that transmit real-time data via satellite.

This becomes even more crucial when breaking news is unfolding in real-time, such as in the reporting of crisis events.

It's the action-packed real-time combat that got my attention.

Some of the projects continue after the course, to lớn become real companies.

No bigger phàn nàn a laser printer -- though rather more expensive -- it is a fantasy that has at last become real.

It took 16 years for the cartoon prophecy to lớn become real.

You don't have to lớn pitch a network or an audience or a focus group the idea of a character for that character to lớn become real.

I think it is okay if you make mistakes, but by the time they've become real failures you probably should have discovered this much earlier.

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